Israel, where did You wrong?

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In the recent days, I saw this documentary (Gatekeepers; 2012), and at the end, I stood up with quite mixed up feelings. Since it's an Israeli made movie, about their own history, presenting the leaders of the Shin Bet, Israel's internal intelligence, whose people wasn't seen before on screen, or in interviews, one should expect to see tough patriots, committed defenders of the Home Land - instead you see six tired and disappointed guy, telling about their stories and experiences, like they fed up with the constant fights long ago, and felt double crossed by their politics. Yaakov Peri, for instance said, that after all those years of action, one became a bit leftist. Or let's quote Yuval Diskin, who said that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

Well, what the hell happened?

What could happened, if a man, who should be much more interested in the fight for the safety of his country, looks lethargic like this? What should be the leading public opinion in the country, if the leader of the Shin Bet thinks like this? They really think that the arabs should be left untouched, then sit, and quietly wait for a Qassam?

Things are a bit more complicated than this.

Since 1967, and the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, the arabs are successfully made themselves martires in the eyes of the western public (especially in Europe), and therefore Israel became the suppressor, however, it's a simple lie. Who is not fooled by the arab-friendly, western media, the directed images of Pallywood, and of course doesn't carry an amount of general antisemitism, which is planted in the heads (especially in east-Europe) since ages - can clearly see that the peace with the arabs are simply impossible.

First of all, as you many should know, the so-called Palestine nation, the Palestinian ethnic is doesn't exist. Never existed. The're simply arabs. It's a myth, created by the KGB, and their puppies like Nasser and Hafez el Assad, for one simple reason: to support their efforts to destruct Israel. Arafat (who is born in Egypt), and even Abbas are the creation of Moscow.

Since Palestine is built on a picture, which -watching form a certain distance- is a nation under constant suppression by the nazi Israel, as soon as Israel would ceased to exist, they would collapse immediately. Under the disguise of peace talks, the're only interested in keeping the conflict alive. Until the western public is financing them, they're enjoying the heavy amounts of money, aids, and illegal weapons from the secret underground tunnels are coming in.

Not to mention, the irreconcilable difference, between the civilised people, and the islam. Since the people if Israel wants nothing else but peace, the islamic people simply cannot understand what it is. They need a constant flow of blood, to feed allah. They cannot make peace even with themselves (note the so-called arab-peace in Egypt, Tunis, Syria and Bahrein). Peace agreements like the Oslo Chords means nothing for them. The PLO's deed of foundation is still consist a paragraph, that states: no other solution can be accepted, but the extermination of the Jews. After several peace talks, this paragraph doesn't changed, even a bit. And as we could clearly seen, a tiny spark can provide a handle for a holy war against Israel. If you make a concession, it's only a weakness in their eyes. For example, let's see the withdrawal from Gaza. Meant anything? Changed anything? Can we say at least, less Qassams are shot by the Hamas, or by the Islamic Jihad? No, no, and no.


After fifty years of constant conflicts, we can understand that the Israeli people are distressed and tired. They trying to find the causes of their constant struggle in many-many things, but most of them are simply cannot beleive the fact, that the arabs are incapable of peace. They are cannot beleive that the war will never end, and this led to desperate attempts, like demonstrating and swallowing tear gas together with the arabs on the left, or building more and more settlements at the West Bank on the right, despite the governments deceision about settlement freeze (which is, presumably, and hopefully only a communication trick for the liberal media), and more importantly, the constant threat of the arabs. This can also be the background of that certain documentary, which tries to show the distressed Israeli people through the leadership of the Shin Bet, concentrating on the negative events, like the Bus 300 affair, or the assasination of Yitzak Rabin. There's not a single word about how many terrorist attempts prevented by them, how many lives of Israeli people are saved by them, and how many terrorists are killed or jailed by them. This can be the main motive of a partially paralised government, which, under the pressure of the public opinion had to make such an insane deals, like the Shalit prisoner exchange was - to save a life of a young and innocent Jew solider, they had to set free, more than a thousand terrorist criminals. Ridiculous, to be honest.


If you want my opinion, the biggest mistake, what Israel committed was, that they didn't rid off the arabs in '67. Those days, the liberal, human rightist bullshit wasn't invented, and ethnic cleansing was common, even in Europe. Remeber what Czechoslovakia done with the 3 million Sudeten Germans after WWII, or what Kennedy done with the immigrants from eastern-Europe, during the Cuban missile crisis; not to mention the horroristic memories from the holocaust, which was still in the heads that time. That would be the perfect moment, after the crushing victory over the united arab forces, but that moment is missed, and, unfortunaltely, it will never come back.

What's the solution then? I'm doesn't feel myself in the liberty to tell that, even to give advices - it would be meaningless as well. But my opinion is, that the constant struggle of Israel, to prove for the western public that they are not some exotic tribe in the middle-east, but a developed and civilised country, like any other in western-Europe or in the United States; to prove that they are not agressors, but they have to defend themselves somehow, and they have the right to live in safety - these efforts are meaningless. The west only interested in the lies of the arab propaganda. They want to eat that, they want to believe that, and nothing else, like facts, and evindeces are matters for them. Israelies are always will be the nazis of the middle-east, whatever they do, as Isi Leibler wrote perfectly: Europe has forsaken Israel. They can only count on the United States, and have to reamain isolated.


Therefore, the only solution is to annex the West Bank, and Gaza, create a safe buffer zone on the borders, under constant, and heavy military control, and expel all the arabs, who doesn't intend to live in peace, under the rules of the state of Israel.

Maybe it's not too late...

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